Since having two girls, I find myself acutely more aware of the disparities in this gender based society we still live in.. and although we have come a long way, we’re still not there.

Being a girl mom I want my girls to know their power, love and appreciate their bodies (in a way I never did), stand up for what is right and wrong, to learn to listen to their gut and not to be afraid to say no or yes, to be a fierce friend, and to go get the life they want without being told by men you’re not good enough… and so much more..

But when I look back at the inequality women took to the streets to march for so many years ago, I know that if we stand TOGETHER there isn’t much we can’t change.

I’m more proud to be a women than I ever was…

We took a walk at @ground_the_venue yesterday, and while there was a lot of moaning (with two small children it’s a given) it was an incredible day out in nature.. learning to ground oneself is an important lesson for us all.

So much love to you all out there, and once again thank you for supporting my dream here. It means the world to me.