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Our handcrafted Flower Press allows your flowers, blossoms & flora to be preserved to become works of art, and ways to create something special with your children.

Simply pick your flowers /leaves from the garden, arrange them on the sheets of cardboard provided & tighten the nuts. Leave the blooms/leaves for 3-4 weeks then use your beautiful dried posies to adorn gift cards, picture frames or whatever your heart desires.

Featuring a beautiful poppy artwork, each press is handcrafted in Johannesburg out of hardwearing materials to ensure stable pressure & long-lasting use.

Includes: Engraved top & bottom backing boards (MDF), cardboard separating layers x 7 and nuts, bolts and spacers.

Dimensions: 297mm x 420mm x 40mm

-Hand crafted in South Africa


Recommended age 3 years +

Sold out!