Our handcrafted Flower Press allows your flowers, blossoms & flora to be preserved to become works of art, and ways to create something special with your children.

Simply pick your flowers /leaves from the garden, arrange them on the sheets of cardboard provided & tighten the nuts. Leave the blooms/leaves for 3-4 weeks then use your beautiful dried posies to adorn gift cards, picture frames or whatever your heart desires.

Featuring an incredibly beautiful and delicate illustration by Jolene Olivier (find her on instagram @olivierfamilymakes), each press is handcrafted in Johannesburg out of hardwearing materials to ensure stable pressure & long-lasting use.

Includes: Engraved top & bottom backing boards (MDF), cardboard separating layers x 7 and nuts, bolts and spacers. It also comes in a hessian carry bag for storage.

Dimensions: 210mm long, 140mm wide, 40mm deep

-Hand crafted in South Africa

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