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I think I say this about all of the themes that we do in Grade Two, but this one is my favourite. It’s such a great opportunity to bring nature into my classroom and to create an appreciation for our beautiful world. This year I made space for a dynamic and interactive nature display which my class could add to as the term progressed. They loved seeing the results of pressing flowers and even got to taste real honeycomb last week 🌿🐝
@switchedoneducationMrs Smith
I introduced our last week of autumn play with the gorgeous classic, Flower Fairies of the Autumn (1926) by Cicely Mary Baker. From the beautifully illustrated Elderberry and Crab-Apple Fairies to the lovely poems that accompany each one, this book certainly brings the magic of autumn to life! Miss Millie enjoyed it thoroughly and to celebrate the magic of the season, we used watercolour paints and a selection of natural loose parts and pressed leaves and flowers in autumn shades to conjure up some fairy magic of our own.
We also used our charming @cabinkidssa press to preserve the last bits of autumn. These leaves are also perfect for making nature confetti with our shape punch. Miss Millie absolutely loves punching out these shapes and it is a lovely way to decorate craft projects in an eco-friendly way. The act of punching is also a great exercise to strengthen little hand muscles and improve hand-and-eye coordination.
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