We were brought up in a very different time, with no TV or very little TV.. and so playing outside was the norm..

I remember making mud pies, and rolling down a hill at full speed – in fact the other day I watched my girls roll down a beach sand dune at full speed. They had so much fun.. I cringed a bit, knowing there would be beach sand in their hair for days after.. but they were playing and having so much fun, I couldn’t stop them for that.

In these strange times, where we are getting sanitized at every doorway, and afraid to go outside for fear of getting COVID we need to make a more concerted effort to get our kids outside and let them get DIRTY. Research shows getting dirty and being exposed to the microbes in nature is a good way to prevent poor health in the future.

Besides, kids enjoy it! The mess might be annoying to clean up but here are five reasons a little extra laundry detergent is worth it.

1. Improves Motor Skills
2. Teaches Kids About Nature
3. Gets Kids Away From The TV and computer
4. Relieves Stress
5. Introduces Healthy Microbes To The Body

You want what we all want for our children: a long, happy, and healthy life. So let them get dirty and have a blast doing so. And don’t just watch them have fun, join them! You could find it has some positive effects on your own life too.